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“Pen Aubrain” soft franchise bakery concept for Haïtilogo-pen-aubrain

With this project we want to boost employment as well as quality and affordable bread in Haïti. The bakeries produce
affordable and nutritious bread. The initiative brings forth economic activity in the local area. Within a bakery, more than ten people can be employed.  Between 100 and 500 street vendors have the opportunity to sell the produced bread. After approximately two years, an establishment can reach a breakeven- point on an investment of 100,000 euros. Throughout the country there is room for five to ten of these types of bakeries.

Currently we are supporting two bakeries located in Croix des Bouquets and Carrefour in Port-au-Prince.


Bakery Bon Repos 


Bakery Le Chef Carrefour 

The supply of bread can be extended. With knowledge and resources from the bakery sector in the Netherlands, we think we can give a positive impulse. Theo van der Ham, a member of the NBOV and PUM expert, is our consultant and baker. After the earthquake in 2010 Theo was transmitted via PUM to help restart several bakeries. One of these bakeries is now the leader in the market. While exploring the market, we found that it shows that there is a need for more of these bakeries. Our support is needed to get these bakeries on the market.
Given the commercial nature of the project we seek affiliation with Dutch business to achieve this.

Join us and invest in food security, employment and economic development in Haïti. Make a donation or if you’re interested in capital investment, please contact us: info@haï or call +31613900538.
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