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Tax benefit when donating periodically

From 2009, HaitiContact has been identified as a so- called ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’ (ANBI) by the Dutch tax authorities. An organization can be qualified as such if it’s activities consist for at least 90% of activities oriented at the common good.

To be designated as an ANBI, certain conditions have to be met. ANBI’s benefit from certain tax advantages concerning inheritances and donations. Consequently, donors can make use of tax advantages when they meet certain requirements.

When donating periodically, your donation is tax deductable. Click here to calculate you tax advantage when you donate to our foundation (please note: the website of the Dutch tax authorities is only available in Dutch).

For more information, click here (site Dutch tax authorities).

Contact us for more information:, +31613900538.

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