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Bakery project update

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The past two years we have worked hard to achieve funds for our budget. We’re not there yet, but we have never been closer to reaching our goal.

Smaller startup
The year 2015 was a good year so far, in which significant steps have been made. Earlier this year, we scaled down the project less without losing our ambitions. The result of the aforementioned adjustment is that the bakery is ready to start sooner, because we need less funds to make a start. Before summer started, we were given several awards to make our goal reality. To start, an amount of 176,000 USD is required. We have already raised 80,000 USD.

In the upcoming period, we would like to get funded 46,000 USD, possibly with foreign capital (subordinated loan starting from 1,000 USD, with an attractive interest rate). Are you curious about the possibilities, please contact us.

Working together with local bakery
This year we started attracting a local partner. There is a shortlist of four existing players who have extensive experience in the market and have a logistical network, and have expressed serious interest. The local partner is required to invest a substantial amount in the bakery, to anchor the common interests.
Beginning January 2016 we travel to Haïti to conduct the interviews. The trip is also a means to retrieve the latest information concerning the market.

Global planning

  • Cooperation local partner – January 2016
  • Startup pre-surgery Q2-Q3
  • Fundraising – 2016

Would you like to contribute to this project? Contact us info@haï or call us: +31613900538!

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