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The Foundation’s board consists of three persons who mainly work in the commercial sector. The great diversity of experience on the board makes it possible to find a good balance between alliances with business and development. The Board positions are unpaid.

The board

Judy Aubrain, chairman

Judy is Haïtian and lives in the Netherlands since 1984. “As a child, I was able to experience how hard existence in Haïti is till my ninth year. This experience inspired me to dedicate myself to economic prosperity in Haïti. ”








Ed Peelen, treasurer

Ed Peelen is partner and co-founder of consultancy ICSB Marketing and Strategy. He has extensive experience in marketing and strategy, through counseling, education and research projects in many financial service providers, utility companies, telecom operators, logistics service providers and transportation companies, not-for profit organizations, service providers and other organizations.



Our volunteers



Theo van der Ham – bakery expert

Theo van der Ham, has been a successful bakery for 35 years in Rotterdam and surrounding areas, owing three stores. Theo is  connected at the NBOV (Dutch Bakers And Confectioners Entrepreneurs Association) for more than 25 years as chairman of the department of South Holland. He is also connected as  (function) External Member Services. In addition, Theo is an expert at development organization PUM (* Broadcast Program Managers) and is sent to developing countries for knowledge several times a year, which includes Haïti.




George Schuddebeurs – consultancy

Born in Haïti, George feels the urge to put effort in his motherland. George is a tax specialist, paralegal and has experience in management and economics. He has years of work experience with renowned accounting firms and is currently employed by the Dutch government. For the foundation, he writes proposals and uses his experience to add value at an organizational level. In the near future, he would like to commit himself to projects focused on waste management, clean drinking water and increasing economic prosperity in Haïti.





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