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Haïtiaanse gemeenschap in NL 2010Foundation HaïtiContact was established in September 2007 by Judy Aubrain, born in  Haïti and raised in the Netherlands. This is a direct and committed relationship with Haïti. The driving forces behind the foundation are our  volunteers. Their main objective is to improve the daily lives of the people at the bottom of Haïtian society and to advance women and children, in order to enable independent existence.

The establishment of the foundation was a logical next step after organizing multiple successful HaïtiContact- meetings; these meetings were the outcome of a private initiative and were organized since 2004 to bring together Haïtians in the Netherlands.
Due to the earthquake on January 12 2010, the foundation from that moment grew. Because of the Haïtian community in the Netherlands, we were able to offer direct assistance to the people of Haïti.

Since 2011 HaïtiContact focuses on strengthening women and children by working towards a better future. One of these projects is Pen Aubrain, a bakery project in which jobs are created for the bottom of society and part of the food shortage is covered.

Read more about Pen Aubrain.

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