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HaitiContact promotes economic development- projects in Haiti.

HaïtiContact Foundation

Work helps people move forward in life. It makes them economically independent, strengthen their personal development and ensure social contacts.

Since 2011, HaitiContact focuses on stimulating economic development (specifically that of mothers and children) to work towards a better future. Currently, the foundation is strongly active in the bakery sector in Haiti and this also helps disadvantaged Haitians.

Tax benefit when donating periodically

From 2009, HaitiContact has been identified as a so- called ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’ (ANBI) by the Dutch tax authorities. An organization can be qualified as such if it’s activities consist for at least 90% of activities oriented at the common good.

When donating periodically, your donation is tax deductable. Click here to calculate your tax advantage. For more information, click here (website of the Dutch tax authorities, only available in Dutch ).

Contact us for more information:, telephone+31613900538.

Donate online

Facilitate business among entrepreneurial women and encourage the future of their children. Donate for the project Aubrain Pen. Through our site, it is possible to donate a single amount online.

HaïtiContact foundation helps

Bakery concept Boulangerie Pen Aubrain

The largest project of foundation HaitiContact is currently the Pen Aubrain project, which is being concretized. Pen Aubrain focuses mainly on healthy, nutritious and affordable bread. Initially the idea was to produce bread in a self established bakery. However, in order to avoid competition with local bakeries, the form of soft-franchise was chosen.

Soft- franchise entails that already existing local bakeries that produce manually and are marketing, are giving a helping hand. We improve the bakery as much as possible, in order to produce bread under healthier and better conditions. We also strive to increase production.

Click here for more information. 

From wood oven to gas oven

Gas ovens are cheaper and better for the environment than wood ovens, HaitiContact puts effort in this transition the best way possible. More information will follow shortly.

Madam Sara

Madam Sara are the center of the approximately 700,000 farmers in Haiti and consumers on markets across the country. Women grow or buy products from farmers, transport the products and sell them on markets and of Haiti. Herewith, they are indispensable in the informal economy in Haiti.

In Madam Sara’s, HaitiContact sees incredible potential for development and entrepreneurship in Haiti. These strong mothers often literally wear Haiti’s wealth on their heads
Our aim is to start a program with local parties in 2017 to support these women as much as possible. The program will rest on the following pillars:

  • Financial progress;
  • Safety;
  • Sustainability of products and production process;
  • Education for the Sara’s and their children.


HaitiContact has supported several projects in Haiti. Check out some of these projects here.

Figures Project Pen Aubrain

Achievements with Project Pen Aubrain

Number of bakeries
Number of employees
Number of streetvendors
Number of bread sold


Bakery Pen Aubrain

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